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Residents press leaders for answers on how new Intel factory will impact them

Two Intel factories will be built in Licking County by 2025. Residents are concerned with how it will impact their lives.

LICKING COUNTY, Ohio — Thousands of jobs will be created, but what impact will Intel have on those who live in Licking County when the technology company will soon build a $20 billion chip factory?

What will happen to property taxes, sewer and water? Those were just some of the questions residents had for Intel and city leaders.

“You rocked our world,” said one resident during a town hall meeting on Thursday.

To say these residents were taken by surprise when Intel announced they were moving to the neighborhood is an understatement.

“Why didn’t we learn about this until it was a done deal?” asked another.

Questions like that are why a couple of hundred people who will soon call Intel a neighbor, filled the auditorium in Johnstown to learn how the business is going to impact them.  At times, emotions ran high.

“Taxes, and what is going on in the roads and stuff like that,” said Bob Lightle.

“Yet to be known,” said Johnstown Mayor Chip Dutcher.

Dutcher says right now there are more questions than answers. But he says there is good news for the school district.

“They will get a sizeable check once a year,” Dutcher said.

The mayor says he’s glad to have a chance to answer the questions he has, instead of fueling more speculation about what might happen.

“The way I look at it, you confront the anxiety in the community by giving facts, not Facebook facts, real facts,” Dutcher said.

Intel plans to have two factories up and running by 2025.

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