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'Put down the guns, pick up love': Linden community marches to end violence

Residents in the Linden neighborhood walked door to door talking about ending gun violence while passing out resources and spreading love.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — People who live in the Linden neighborhood are taking a stand against gun violence once again.  

Monday evening, they marched in the streets of Linden after a violent weekend across the city

Derrick Russell, organizer of the walks held a microphone high yelling a message loud and clear: “Put down the guns pick up love.”  

It’s a message heard by 14-year-old KJ Williams. Williams told 10TV that seeing gun violence happen as often as it does in the city, is painful.  

"Guns are not cool whatsoever,” he said. "It's only making yourself look bad."

While on the walk, the group passed out resources to people at their homes.  

William Hooker lives in the community. 10TV asked him with the amount of violence happening, do the walks help reduce violence.  

Williams told us they do make a difference. "As long as we stay together on it, yes it's working,” he said. "I say we're trying to but eventually it will end.” 

Russell said the next walk will be on May 23. He said they’ll meet at the corner of Cleveland and 11th Avenues. In June, they’ll move to a different location within Linden.

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