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'Pretty legs, great arms': Westerville man charged with murdering wife describes her in podcast

When asked to describe his wife in a true crime podcast, Matheau Moore answered in a way that left some of its researchers scratching their heads.

WESTERVILLE, Ohio — In the months after Emily Noble was reported missing, her husband -- the man now charged with her murder -- reached out to a true crime podcast, claiming he needed help. 

What he said in that podcast left some of its researchers scratching their heads. 

In June, The Vanished Podcast received a tip about Noble's disappearance.

“It was someone that was involved in the search efforts,” said Amanda Coleman, researcher for The Vanished Podcast.

The next day, Coleman says Matheau Moore sent them an email asking for help.

“Interviewing someone that their spouse is missing, they're in a state of grief, they’re in a state of desperation… there are things that Matt said to me that I have never heard in an interview,” said Coleman.

In the podcast, Moore was asked to describe Noble. This was his response:

"I never saw her get on the scale. She's very small, like 100 pounds... Pretty legs, great arms," Moore said.

“My internal immediate reaction was ‘oh my gosh,’” said Coleman.

Throughout their interview, Coleman says Moore acted strangely. He mixed up the date she went missing.

“She went missing Labor Day, Monday, that's when I noticed that she wasn't there and I called the police,” he said on the podcast.

Noble went missing Memorial Day weekend.

Those working on the podcast say they were also troubled by Moore never joining a search for his missing wife.

“I'm searching still and I'm just trying to find evidence and that's why I'm talking to you right now,” he said to the podcast.

It is worth noting, 10TV attempted to call Moore in June of 2020. He didn't respond.

On Friday, Moore pleaded not guilty to murder charges; a judge set his bond at $2.5 million.


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