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Pregnant central Ohio woman battling 2nd cancer diagnosis

Brittany Corbitt, who was first diagnosed with stage two breast cancer 2014, has a new fight with the disease.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — One breast cancer diagnosis can be tough enough but when there is a second, you need incredible resolve, focus and a positive attitude.

Brittany Corbitt, a trauma nurse at OhioHealth Grant Medical Center, was first diagnosed in 2014 with Stage II breast cancer. Now, she has a new fight with the disease.

She and her husband, Ben, are also expecting their second child. 

“It’s different this time because it's a little more advanced,” Corbitt said. “It’s harder this time- now that I have a kid and I'm pregnant, worrying about that.”

Friends and family have formed a major support system to ensure the expanding family has few worries. Corbitt said there have been at least 30 people who offered to donate breast milk for the new baby. 

“It’s just amazing and complete strangers that I’ve never met have said, 'I’m an over-supplier willing to donate some of my milk,'” she said.

In terms of treatment, Corbitt said she’s done pretty well with chemotherapy. The treatment team at Columbus Oncology, in conjunction with OhioHealth, worked with her as they do with all patients, striking a balance between the mother’s health and the cancer fight.  

The plan is that Corbitt will be induced and then work with the experts to ensure she can transition to an optimal regimen. 

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