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Marysville police investigating messages of hate distributed in neighborhood

About 20 bags filled with flyers were found at the end of driveways in a local mobile home park. There were more on surrounding streets as well.

MARYSVILLE, Ohio — At Countryside Estates Mobile Home Park in Marysville, a maintenance worker was just beginning his day Tuesday morning when he made an alarming discovery. That’s according to Chastity Hudnall, the property manager.

“This is very shocking and disturbing that we saw this type of stuff,” she said.

She said images and messages of hate, racism, and antisemitism were found folded in roughly 20 plastic bags at the end of driveways. There was also rice inside the bags.

Credit: WBNS-10TV

“We assume the rice that's in here was used as like a weight when they threw them. We're assuming they threw them out of the car as they were driving,” she said. “Don't put your hate thoughts out to other people.”

She said it appears the bags came from someone outside the mobile home park. She said police found a trail of bags on streets outside the mobile home park as well.

According to a Marysville police report the bags were found after 9 a.m. on Tuesday, and police were able to collect bags along Chestnut Street.

We heard from a neighbor who said she found one in her driveway. She did not want to share her identity to protect her safety.

"I really felt like it's something that had no place there,” she said. “Initially, I thought it was trash, which is why I pulled over to pick it up off the end of my driveway, I was on my way to work. And then I realized what it was. And as I was driving out, I felt like every single one of my neighbors had one dropped at the end of their driveway too. So just a little pit in my stomach."

A spokesperson for the Cincinnati FBI office said on Wednesday it is aware of the situation but they could not provide more detail at this time.

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