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'She made us strong': Family holds drive-thru celebration for Peach County woman's 100th birthday

Sadie Latimore, the mother of long time Peach County High basketball coach Maxine Cherry, celebrated the milestone Saturday

PEACH COUNTY, Ga. — Long time Peach County High School basketball coach Maxine Cherry helped bring her family together to celebrate her mother's 100th birthday.

Sadie Latimore turned the big 1-0-0 Saturday and all nine of her children knew that being together to celebrate this day was the right thing to do. 

Her son, Mo Latimore, says that this is the first time in a long time he's been able to celebrate his mom's birthday with her in person and he is grateful.

"She just doesn't know how happy and thrilled I am to be here today." Mo said.

The family celebrated by doing a drive-thru birthday party.

Her kids say that she deserves a celebration because she has always been there for them.

"I just really appreciate all the things that she's sacrificed for all of us." he added.

"She made us strong, so we gave her credit for that," James Latimore said.

Latimore's daughter, Maxine, says that her mother has had a huge impact on her coaching career and that she wouldn't be where she is today without her mother's support.

"When I would get home every night, she would say "Did y'all win?!" and I said "Yeah mama, we won!" so that was a great inspiration for her to say that when I got home. That was always the first thing she asked me," Cherry said.

She said her mother has always been one of her strongest supporters.

Sadie's children say that it is great to see their mother happy and that they are thankful to be together on this day.

Coach Cherry and her family say it's a blessing that they could be together, especially during times like this.


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