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Pathway dedicated to those who gave a voice to the voiceless

First Congregational Church added a pathway of stones featuring quotes from international and local leaders to Washington Gladden Social Justice Park.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A park in front of the First Congregational Church that was dedicated in 2018, took a step forward with its mission Sunday. 

The Washington Gladden Social Justice Park added a "Pathway for Justice" which features stones dedicated and donated to honor those who faced adversity and the people who stood up for those who couldn’t.

A ceremony under tents, shielded from the elements, took place Sunday afternoon.

Senior Minister at First Congregational Church in Columbus Tim Ahrens says it is important to work for justice locally

“The way I look at it is the work of justice is always local and it may have a global context, but it has got to be done where we live. It’s got to make a difference on the streets in the town where you are,” Ahrens said. “A lot of people have had a lot of things taken away from them. They’ve had their dignity taken away they’ve had respect taken away they’ve had justice taken away.”

In total, 60 stones will be placed on the walkway and 37 of those stones were announced Sunday. 

Organizers thanked the 163 individuals and 15 organizations that contributed to making the Pathway of Justice possible. Each stone was placed to form letters that were spelled into words associated with social justice in Morse Code.

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