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Ohio Department of Job and Family Services Director answers questions about unemployment

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services is working on setting up unemployment benefit programs for 1099 workers, and those who don't make enough to qualify for benefits.

A record number of Ohioans have applied for unemployment in the last month. Many of you have tried to get through say it has been a struggle.

But 1099 workers, who are independent contractors or self-employed, do not qualify for those benefits currently.

Some states have their programs for those workers up and running. Ohio is still working on its program and they hope to have it ready in mid-May.

I spoke with Ohio Department of Job and Family Service Director Kim Hall and asked her some of your questions.

Will these workers still be eligible for benefits if they go back to work before the system is working?

“Workers who have returned to work to still be able to recoup and be made whole for that period of time when they were out of work in the context of their self-employment."

Many who work part-time, or are tip workers don't make enough to qualify for unemployment. What if I don't make enough to qualify for unemployment?

“There will be some scope of eligibility for those who are under the threshold. That's what we are working really hard to examine right now, what that number will be."

Hall says they should have more answers next week for those who don't make enough to qualify.

The federal CARES Act, or the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security package also included an extra $600 for those who qualify for unemployment. When will I receive the $600 stimulus unemployment check?

“That payment will go to everyone who is approved and eligible for current unemployment. It will go out as a separate deposit."