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32 at Cincinnati wedding catch coronavirus, including newlyweds

The couple said they provided masks and hand sanitizer for their 83 guests, but few people used them.

A Cincinnati couple's wedding reportedly turned into a coronavirus superspreader event, infecting 32 people -- including the newlyweds -- and sending two of the couple's grandparents to the emergency room.

WLWT reports Anthony and Mikayla Bishop were initially going to have more than 200 guests. They cut that down due to the pandemic and 83 attended the ceremony and reception.

The couple reportedly provided masks and hand sanitizer, but they said most guests did not use them. Mikayla said she didn't realize that until she walked down the aisle and saw a lot of maskless faces.

"When I saw everyone not wearing masks I was just like, 'Oh, well I guess we're just gonna kinda go with it I guess,'" Anthony told WLWT.

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The couple said tables were spread out at the reception, but they believe the superspreader event was likely triggered when people hit the dance floor.

"Everybody's in each other's face and there's no masks," Mikayla said.

Thirty-two guests tested positive in the two weeks since the wedding, including the couple and three grandparents. Two grandparents went to the ER with severe symptoms, the station reported.

They noted that their grandparents did wear masks except for when eating dinner.

Anthony and Mikayla first had symptoms on their honeymoon in North Carolina, WLWT reported, with Mikayla stuck on the couch. Then they started getting daily phone calls about their guests getting sick.

In Washington State, nearly 40 of the 300 guests who attended a Nov. 7 wedding have tested positive for the virus, according to health officials.