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Ohio pushes to fill skilled apprentice positions

Amid National Apprenticeship Week, Ohio leaders and unions are looking to fill vital roles across the state.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — It’s National Apprenticeship Week and in Ohio, the state is pushing to fill much-needed skilled labor positions across the state.

“Ohio is the third leading state in the country for apprenticeships, we're number one in the Midwest,” said Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted. “Employers prefer them because they show that you actually have a skill because every occupation requires some kind of specialized skill these days.”

There are more than 1,300 open apprentice opportunities and over 230 open positions available, according to Ohio Means Jobs.

“It's not just what you think the traditional ones were maybe construction, but it's also manufacturing, healthcare, tech. There are a variety of apprenticeship pathways available out there for you, you can earn and learn at no cost,” said Husted.

Chelsea Mosby had her son 11 months ago and was pregnant when she was working in customer service. She says the pandemic made her realize that she wanted a change of scenery.

“I get paid as I'm working a little bit and then also you're getting an education at the same time,” said Mosby.

Mosby went from working from home to working outdoors on a job site constructing buildings and roads. She also said she lost her baby weight about a month into the new job.

“It can be very intimidating at first, especially if you're new to it altogether, but I would say from my personal experience, everybody I've worked with, they've been very instrumental in helping me with everything I learned, I learned on the job,” said Mosby.

Mosby is receiving a stipend for fuel and her meals are paid for when she learns in the classroom at the Drexel J. Thrash Training Center in Howard, Ohio. She is working her way up the ranks to journeyman, which will take about four years to complete.

For more information on National and Ohio Apprenticeship Week and to search for jobs, click here.

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