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Ohio Board of Education discusses resolution to reject Biden's amendment to Title IX

Supporters of Title IX say by not expanding federal protection to the LBGBTQ community is to support bullying.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Ohio Board of Education discussed a resolution on Tuesday that would reject President Joe Biden's amendment to Title IX to protect transgender students from discrimination.

The four-page proposal, introduced by Brendan Shea, would require school districts to tell parents when their child "questions their gender identity," wants to be identified by another name or pronoun or other matters related to their gender identity.

The proposal would also ban transgender women from joining women's sports teams.

The board heard testimony for hours from those who are strongly against the resolution.

Laura Robertson-Boyd, a mother of two transgender children, testified at the meeting, calling the resolution a train wreck of misinformation and lies.
"As a parent, my greatest fear for my children is self-harm and suicidal ideation. This resolution is just one more attack against transgender students," Robertson-Boyd said.

Those who support the resolution say it will make athletics fair for women.
The board will meet again to hear more testimony and discuss the resolution in October.

Even if the board does pass the resolution, it does not have much teeth because the state board of education can't compel lawmakers to create policy.

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