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Nursing home residents get iPads to stay in touch

A nursing home group bought iPads to keep residents connected with family members during coronavirus outbreak.

There's nothing like a grandmother's hug. When you can't go see grandma, it can get lonely for her.

“Now we can't leave our rooms. We are kind of sequestered, but they bring us three meals a day and come to our rooms and say hi,” said Judy Hartfranft.

Judy Hartranft is a resident at the Whetstone facility and is just thankful she is healthy.

“I do not have major health problems, so I'm very glad about that,” Judy explained.

The state has ordered no one can visit residents in care facilities, to prevent the spread of coronavirus, which means being disconnected from family; until now.

“When we first started hearing about the restrictions on visitors, we ordered about 21 iPads with the goal of keeping our residents in touch with their family and their friends,” said Ryan Strubenrauch with the MacIntosh Company.

With those iPads, residents like Judy can not only hear her giggling granddaughters but be able to see how they are doing.

“This is nice, then you get to see her and it's not just text,” said son Monte Hartranft.

A way to both stay connected and stay healthy

“She'll get a lot more virtual visits,” Monte said.

The MacIntosh Company ordered 21 iPads for its seven facilities across the state and is in the process of ordering more to keep all families connected.

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