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New Columbus parking codes aimed at relieving congestion

The Columbus Department of Public Service shared out an image detailing four specific changes on Monday.

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Over the last several years, the City of Columbus has experienced a growth in population, commerce, construction and naturally, some congestion around high demand areas like the Short North, German Village and downtown.

All of that leads to pressures on parking that the city wants to alleviate.

“We see areas where demand is exceeding supply and we're looking at ways we can change our rules and be more active at managing parking so we can provide more access to folks,” said Robert Ferrin, director of parking services for the City of Columbus.

To do that, the Columbus City Council updated the city parking code with four major changes back in May.

The department is drawing attention to the changes involving overtime parking, individual parking spaces and the 72 hour rule:

Overtime Parking

Pay attention to the posted time restriction. If your vehicle stays parked longer than the time restriction or has not moved at least 75 FEET from where it was originally parked, it will be in violation and subject to a $30 ticket.

Individual Parking Spaces
Pay attention to marked spaces. Individual spaces will be marked either by meter, sign, or pavement marketing. If you vehicle parks outside of the marked space, it will be in violation and subject to a $47 ticket.

72 Hour Rule
Permitted or not, no vehicle may remain parked on a city street for more than 72 hours AND does not move at least 75 feet, it will be in violation and subject to a $30 ticket.

Failure to Display
Handicap parking placards or license plates must be properly displayed when parked in a designated handicap parking space. Failure to do so will be in violation and subject to a $50 ticket and a $500 ticket for illegally parking in a handicap space.

“We hope that that will remind people to display their placard properly and we also hope it will cut down on the fraudulent use of placards,” Ferrin said.

Ferrin explained that these rules are largely complain-based, meaning it’s up to residents to report issues. For example, if a car is parked for longer than 72 hours, call 311 to report it and the city will send a crew to evaluate the situation.

For more information on the parking code changes, click here.