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Homeowners in New Albany neighborhood asked by HOA to remove Black Lives Matter signs

The Hampsted Village HOA posted to Facebook asking residents to remove their Black Lives Matter signs by July 26

NEW ALBANY, Ohio — Homeowners in a New Albany neighborhood are taking to social media after their homeowners' association asked them to remove signs from their yards.

On Wednesday, the Hampsted Village HOA posted to Facebook asking residents to remove their Black Lives Matter signs by July 26 at 9 p.m. citing sign policy.

10TV looked up the rules and regulations. A 1994 document states, "no signs of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on or from any portion of the Hampsted Village Area except those signs approved by the Committee." However, another portion of the website lists exceptions, including "a congratulatory sign for a high school graduation, or a sign announcing the birth of a child, or a charitable event." It also states, "political signs may be displayed only during the two week period before an election and must be promptly removed after the election." All other signs must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee before they are displayed.

However, people who have Black Lives Matter signs outside their homes told 10TV the enforcement of the rules is inconsistent.

"I don't understand how all of a sudden this particular sign has to be taken down," said John Wilson. "There's been signs in this neighborhood since I've lived here in February that have been up almost the entire time since I've been here. It just tells me that someone had to have complained about it."

Several residents said they believe the HOA should make an exception given the meaning behind the sign.

"There should be no time frame. It should be whenever people want to put this up. Obviously, it's a pressing issue in our country and all over the world. I think there is nothing wrong with it. It's not promoting anything violent or anything that people should be against, so I feel like it should just stay up," Wilson said.

10TV reached out to the Hampsted Village HOA for comment. They told us that no one was available. However, they put out a message on their Facebook page after 10TV's story aired Thursday night.

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