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More than 80 Ohio Task Force 1 members providing aid in Florida following Hurricane Ian

Two different groups were sent down to the sunshine state to help provide aid.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohioans are answering the call for help in the state of Florida after Hurricane Ian made landfall and caused significant damage.  

This past week, more than 80 Ohio Task Force 1 members traveled there to provide help.

"You've got houses with roofs gone, walls down. You've got multiple boats that are sunk, or half sunk,” said Jim O’Connor, a leader with Ohio Task Force 1.

Two different groups were sent down to provide aid. The first group was sent on Wednesday. Another group was mobilized because the impact of the hurricane was so devastating.

O’Connor said on Saturday, the group searched more than 1,400 structures. So far, they’ve conducted three rescues and 42 evacuations.

"We've been out on the water with the boats on the waterfront and houses adjacent to the front area,” he said.

An Ohio Task Force 1 public information officer said the team members are expected to be down in Florida for 14 days. When the first team was deployed, 10TV was told the team members received notice that the assignment was likely to be longer and to expect a 21-day trip.

"The wind damage to the structure that the water that has moved through, you see the damage, this is, you know an entire community, so it’s much more widespread,” O’Connor said.

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