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Mid-Ohio Food Collective working to feed our community during challenging times

The cost of living is at an all-time high and those hit hardest are the families with the least ability to absorb the extra cost.

GROVE CITY, Ohio — From the grocery store to the gas pump, we’re all feeling the pinch of higher prices, including the organizations helping our neighbors in need. 

The Mid-Ohio Food Collective is no exception. More families are coming to them for assistance at a time when donations are down, and food prices are up.

The cost of living is at an all-time high and those hit hardest are the families with the least ability to absorb the extra cost.

“Rising costs of housing, of transportation, of gas prices, childcare, the rising cost of food, there’s so many families who are just really struggling,” says Mike Hochron, Senior VP of Communication for MOFC.

The price hikes couldn’t come at a worse time for these families.  All the COVID-19 pandemic-era support has ended or is about to expire.

“So, our neighbors who are already making do on limited means, many who are working, sometimes even two-parent families working full-time jobs, the money is just tight,” says Hochron.

MOFC is currently seeing a record number of families seeking help. In the month of April 2022 alone, they served more than 15,000 families. That’s their largest number ever, including during the early days of the pandemic. 

But the same challenges that affected families are also affecting the system.

“The supply chain challenges that are driving these cost increases are also impacting the way that we source food,” says Hochron.

Food banking is the core of what MOFC does. In the last fiscal year, they provided almost 83 million pounds of food. That’s enough for 189,000 meals every single day. But, to do that, MOFC depends on donated and surplus food.

“But, as we’re seeing when you go to the grocery store, there’s less stuff on shelves,” Hochron said. “There’s less surplus in the system and so many of those programs at the federal level that helped sustain and helped us get additional food through the pandemic are winding down.”

With a drop in the government food supply and a drop in donated food, MOFC must purchase what’s needed to continue to provide healthy meals for those in need. So, not only are they buying more food, but they’re also paying higher prices for that food.

“And so, we’re seeing that strain on the supply side while the demand is really increasing. Again, we want to make sure our families know that when you need help, come get help,” said Hochron.

But MOFC can’t do it alone. They need community-wide help. They need you. Monetary donations are the best way to step up and help make sure no family, and no child, in our community goes hungry.

If you can help, click here.

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