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Mild & Wet pattern lingers into mid-January

January has been off to warm and wet start and looks to continue that trend into the second half of the month.
Jet Stream forecast for Friday 1/10

This week has been off to a relatively mild start and we actually have a colder than average day ahead on Wednesday. It will be short-lived, though. Temperatures will be back in the 50's and even flirting with 60 on Friday!

High temperatures expected this week

Fun fact: The record high for Friday is 59 set back in 1975. We'll be within reach of that record late this week. With that warmth comes more moisture and whens there is enough moisture, we see rain. Widespread rain Friday and Saturday with more unsettled, mild weather for the following week. The jet stream is the force driving our weather pattern and it's been spending much of it's time up north.

Jet Stream forecast for Friday 1/10

This pattern taps into the rich moisture down south and into parts of the Gulf, which allows for southwesterly winds aloft to pull this moisture upstream into the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes region. The polar air up north has not had the chance to drift south much this winter and when it has, it's been short-lived.

8-14 day temperature outlook CPC

This long-range forecast is for temperatures during the 8-14 day period(next week) provided by the Climate Prediction Center(CPC). It looks similar to the previous jet stream forecast for this upcoming Friday and based on this, it looks like this jet stream pattern will be lingering into the 3rd week of January. Temperatures yet again lean above average and the same goes for precipitation too.

8-14 day precipitation outlook CPC

It doesn't appear like we'll see any big changes in the jet stream in the the near future, but we may see it "level out". By this I mean the flow in the jet stream will be more zonal or west to east.

Jet Stream forecast for Wednesday 1/15

Not only that, but we could also start to see the jet stream shift a little further south, which would allow for cooler conditions during the latter half of the month. Again, this is a long-range forecast and the small details on individual days and precipitation amounts/types are beyond the scope of this article. In the meantime, enjoy the mild weather and for you snow lovers, we still got plenty of time to see more winter weather in February and March.

Fun fact to end on: We currently only have a trace of snow for the month of January. In the record books dating back to the late 1800's, there's only been 2 occasions where January has featured a trace amount of snow or less.