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Metro Parks host first Winter Hike of the season

Metro Parks to host 13 winter hikes through February.

For the 46th year, Metro Parks is hosting it's annual Winter Hike series.

"The purpose of the winter hike is to get people out of their houses in the winter time," said Tim Moloney, executive director for the parks. "It’s a time that people want to sit around and watch TV."

The series will host a winter hike every weekend at a different park across central Ohio through February.

"It's just healthy," Moloney said. "Not only cardiovascular, but just spiritually, mentally, everything to get outside, enjoy life. Whether it's beautiful today like 35 degrees, whether it's 5 degrees, it's just a great time to be in your metro parks."

Sara Stanley and her 13-year old grandson William started participating in the hikes last year.

"'Cause I needed the exercise," she said while laughing. "It just helps get the blood flowing and even when it's cold — once you start moving and get your blood flowing, it doesn't bother you."

Although William is not a fan of waking up early, he said hiking with his grandmother is a bonding experience.

"It’s always fun 'cause she’s "mamaw"," William said with a grin. "And, it’s always nice to be outside."

There are 12 upcoming hikes planned through February 23. Click here for more information.