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Man shovels Script Ohio, Block O in snow following Monday's storm

Instead of using his shovel to clear the driveway, Tom Krutsch did something a little different to show off his Ohio State fandom.
Credit: Tom Krutsch

After the clouds moved on and the sun reappeared, a central Ohio man made the most of the snow following Monday's storm.

Instead of using his shovel to clear his driveway, Tom Krutsch used it to shovel out Script Ohio and the famous "block O" for Ohio State.

Krutsch says it took him about two hours to do because it wasn't regular snow, but mostly beads of ice that he needed to chip away.

"I wanted to do a trick and make it look like it shoveled itself. I had to keep walking back into my garage after every foot of shoveling.  And the video took almost as long to edit as it took me to shovel the snow," Krutsch said.

Credit: Tom Krutsch

When we asked how did he get it to look so perfect, he said there was no trick and he just kind of lucked out.

The only thing he wishes was his security camera picked up a wider view.

To watch Krutsch make his snowy Ohio State artwork, check out his YouTube page here.

Credit: Tom Krutsch