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‘Have to fight for my son’: London mother wants driver charged in crash that sent son to hospital

A 16-year-old was hit last week at the intersection of South Main and Center streets in London.

LONDON, Ohio — “Best case scenario, we might leave the hospital in a year. They're talking intensive and critical care for that long,” said Leslee Townsend. “And you're telling me that you couldn't tell it seen that she was speeding?"

On May 9 around 9:30 p.m., Townsend’s son Landon Minor was hit at the intersection of South Main and Center streets in London while riding his bike.

London police said an investigation remains underway.

Police released surveillance video on Tuesday of the crash from a gas station at the intersection.

In the first video, a person can be seen on a bike riding toward the intersection.

A truck traveling through the intersection strikes the bike.

In another view -- you see the rider approaching the intersection on the bike.

The light changes from green to yellow as the driver passes through.

The vehicle stops --- and then reverses.

And you can see one person get out of the vehicle.

Leslee Townsend said she wants the driver to face charges, and she has concerns about the investigation.

She wants to know if the driver was given a sobriety test.

“I have to fight for my son, because people need to know the law. Because the police didn't do their job at all,” she said.

So far London Police have not filed any charges.

The Madison County prosecutor says he has not received a referral for the case from police, and won't until police wrap up their investigation.

He adds it's not unusual for an investigation like this to take a week or longer.

The latest release posted Tuesday on the London Police app said in part, "London Police are awaiting information from various sources to finalize the investigation."

The family is selling T-shirts to help raise money for Landon's medical bills. If you are interested in buying one, click here.

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