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School receives threats after mask incident at Logan football game

Since the incident, the superintendent says the district has received threats and he had to place the school on a lockout.

LOGAN, Ohio — People showed up Thursday outside the Logan Police Department in support of a police officer who was involved in an altercation with a woman who refused to wear a mask at a football game.

In the video, the officer is telling the woman to put her mask on which she refuses. He then tells her if she doesn't comply, she has to leave. 

When she refused to leave, the officer told her she would be cited for trespassing and escorted out.

The woman resisted and the officer said he would use his taser if she did not comply. While she continued to resist, the officer used his taser.

The woman was escorted out and charged with criminal trespassing.

Tiffany Kennedy posted the original video and explains what happened before she started recording.

“She stated that she has asthma and she didn't have to wear one. He kept telling her to put it on and she kept refusing,” Kennedy said.

It is a requirement by the Ohio State High School Athletic Association to wear a mask at all sporting events.

“The attendee refused to do what they were asked to do. When she was asked to leave by law enforcement, she refused to leave the premises,”  Logan Schools Superintendent Monte Bainter said.

The school resource officer was working special duty at the game, according to the Logan Police Department. 

In a statement, the department said the woman, Alecia Kitts, resisted arrest, and that officer Chris Smith tased her in order to get her in handcuffs.

“I think things could have been handled differently from both parties. I think the officer did a whole lot of things that weren't necessary especially for a 110-pound woman. She could have put a mask on,” Kennedy said.

Since the incident, the superintendent says the district has received threats and he had to place the school on a lockout.

“We have received a couple of threats, very non-specific, very general kind of things but it's enough where I think we have to take that next step,” Bainter explained.

The police department says the officer has also received threats, but there are people in Logan who showed up to support him.

“I'm not a fan of the mandate, I'm not. You have to be a law-abiding citizen,” Kevin Knight, a parent of a ninth grade football player in Logan said.

Police said they are still investigating, more charges could be filed. Logan police say there was another woman with Kitts at the game that could face charges too.

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