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Local non-profit works to support small businesses during COVID-19 pandemic

As Ohio businesses begin to reopen, a local non-profit is working to aid and support to business owners and their employees.

As Ohio businesses begin to reopen, a local non-profit is working to aid and support business owners and their employees.

Nevin Bansal, the executive director of Small Biz Cares said it is hard to ignore the importance of local small businesses.

“I think that it’s a really big deal, because a lot of folks feel an emotional connection to where they go this is unique place there’s only one of these around,” Bansal said.

The non-profit is just a year-and-a-half old but has already worked to connect small business owners and employees with opportunities to give back to their communities.

“We do large scale volunteer events, fundraising events and have a scholarship fund.”

But with the presence of COVID-19, things have shifted a bit.

Those same business owners who helped others are now on the receiving end of assistance and support.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are 2.2 million small business employees in Ohio which makes up nearly 46% of all Ohio employees.

Beginning in May, many of those businesses are slowly reopening under various phases of Governor Mike DeWine's plan – a process that could challenge local business owners.

“We have resources on unemployment, we have resources on how to get funding,” Bansal said.

He said as our nation continues to work to understand what has become our new normal, he wants local small business owners to know that there are organizations that support them and will be there when it is time to reopen.

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