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Local family decorates ancestors graves in honor of Memorial Day

The Clark Family carries on age-old tradition of decorating relatives graves.

Many families spent Memorial Day at cemeteries visiting the gravesites of their loved ones.

Ken Clark and Keith Johnson were at Union Cemetary Monday where they decorated 14 gravesites.

"This is something that my grandmother started," said Ken Clark, Johnson's uncle.

It has become a generational tradition for the Clark family to plant flowers on their loved ones final resting places.

"My mother's mother who lived in Ironton would take buckets of dirt and service the graves on a regular basis because they would sink down," Clark explained.

Clark says they have three veterans in their family, but they also decorate other family members graves on Memorial Day.

"Well, it means to me the memory of my family and where I came from," said Keith Johnson. "And, certain aspects of each one of my family members that reminded me of certain things that help make me who I am today."

Union Cemetery is 212 years old. It is the final resting place for military veterans as far back as the Revolutionary War.