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“I will always love her. She was my best friend and always will be”

The heartfelt letter Jacob Wojcik sent 10TV about the loss of his friend Reagan Tokes.

10TV has promised continuing coverage on the life and death of Reagan Tokes and the investigation into her murder.

10TV News Anchor Jeff Hogan reached out to Jacob Wojcik, a close friend of Reagan’s, to get a better sense of the kind of person she was.

What you see below, is the heartfelt letter he sent 10TV about the loss of his friend. It is unedited and includes some of Jacob’s favorite memories of Reagan.



Hey Jeff! Sorry it's so late for the message but I just wanted to share some memories of reagan. I'm sorry it's a text but it just is too hard to talk about it still for me.

But anyway, reagan was a very, very special girl not only to me but to all of her friends. Everyone who hung out with her only had good things to say about her and she could put a smile on anyone's face.

I remember that whenever I was sad or upset she would do or say something to completely change my mood around and brighten my day. She was someone who wouldn't hurt a fly. She would even get upset during the goofy cartoon movies we would always watch when one of the animal characters got hurt. It was always the cutest thing to me.

My mom just told me a story the other day about reagan. She had to pick reagan up from the airport after a trip from home. My mom said that the whole ride back to my house she would not stop taking about the trip and all the fun things that happened to her. My mom said she couldn't get in one word the whole way! She thought that was a really good memory because of how excited and passionate reagan was about everything she did.

Another great memory was last year. Me and her decided to make pizza rolls in my house's oven that was probably one of the worst ovens I've ever used. So what happened was that some old oil or something at the bottom of the oven had caught on fire and my roomates and I were frantically running around to find the fire extinguisher. All while doing this reagan thought it was a great idea to pull out her snapchat so she could take a video of us trying to our oven fire. It made us so furious at the time but after the fact we would laugh and laugh about it because that was totally her. She new that we had it under control and was being just her fun self.

The first date we ever went on we went apple picking and she saw this perfect apple at the top of one of the trees and she just had to have it. The problem was neither of us could reach it. So I had the bright idea of putting her on my shoulders. I got her up there and she got that perfect apple. But before I could even see why she needed this apple so bad she proceeded to shove it in my mouth and make me take a huge bite out of it. I didn't know why she did that until she later told me that she wanted to find the biggest most red apple and give it to me so I could enjoy it.

That was the type of girl she was. Always thinking about others before herself. And when I say always. I truely mean that. From the moment I met her up until the last time I spoke with her she was always making me a better person. We made eachother better. We were there for eachother whenever and wherever it was needed.

The things that happened to her were heart breaking and something that no person should go through, let alone her.

I will always remember the last conversation we had. Before she went into work we were talking about how much we both love German Shepards and what the best name for one would be. After her getting excited about dogs because nothing ever made her more excited, she told me "this is why you will always be my best friend" and right then and there I knew that we had a connection that no matter where life took us both, it would always last a life time.

Justice will be served, but there is nothing that will make this right, ever. I want everyone to know that reagan was a gift to all of us and will continue to be in our lives. God blessed us all when he put her in our lives and I will cherish her for the rest of my life and be there for her family at any time. I can't even imagine their pain and I would do anything to make their days easier even with just the smallest amount of help. Again I'm sorry I couldn't call, it took me long enough to get though this.

I hope this helped you. God has a plan for us all and her work here on earth was done.

I will always love her. She was my best friend and always will be