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Hunter and Lords starts campaign to give veterans free, tailor-made suits

For the fourth time, Hunter and Lords is offering free, tailor-made suits for veterans.

For the fourth time, Hunter and Lords is offering free, tailor-made suits for veterans.

Kevin Colwell is a Sgt. Major in the United States Army. He spent 25 years with the Green Beret Special Forces and served in Afghanistan, Kosovo and Korea.

In September 2017, Colwell was one of eight veterans chosen to receive a free Hunter and Lords suit.

In November, on Veterans Day, Colwell received his suit. At the time he said the feeling of being a new man with a new outlook was instant.

"I think appearance and how you feel can't be over-stated," he said.

Now in July of 2018: same man. Same suit.

"Honestly, even to this day, I'm kind of speechless," Colwell said.

It's the same feeling of how new threads create confidence and self-worth.

"It's just so profound," he said. "It's impacting and it's deeply, deeply appreciated."

His appreciation is owed to Jim Rieser.

"I love doing this," Rieser said. "I love it."

Rieser is with Hunter and Lords. He's the first to admit his efforts are to show appreciation and honor to veterans.

"We can go to work everyday and not really think about much because of the Kevin Colwells of the world who are continuing to fight for our freedoms and to keep all of us safe in this country," he said.

For the fourth time, Rieser is having a campaign for people to nominate a veteran to receive a free, tailor-made suit. The campaign runs from July 4, through Labor Day.

The jacket, pants, shirt, tie, socks and shoes are all custom. Rieser again plans to give suits to eight veterans, which are valued at more than $10,000.

"The expression on their faces when that clothing goes on their back and when they have their kids watching and their wives watching - that's all I need to see and hear," Rieser said.

Helping veterans adapt to civilian life and to go from deployment to employment.

To learn more information about the Suits for Soldiers campaign and to nominate a veteran for a free Hunter and Lords suit, click here.