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Hilltop teens spend snow day helping others dig out

While many teenagers might have spent Monday’s snow day sledding, Jayden Watters spent it helping his community and earning some cash.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — When opportunity knocks, you answer it.

When opportunity falls from the sky, you pick up a plow.

While Franklin County spent most of Monday at a Level 1 snow emergency, Jayden Watters spent the day being a level one citizen.

“[It feels] really nice,” he said. “We get done fast, so they’re really appreciative.”

He’s 15 and a student at Briggs High School. He and his cousin Kenny hit the pavement, Monday, to help others.

“Just to know they won’t slide and maybe hit a car,” Watters said.

Jayden’s mother, Ashley, played the teens’ chauffeur.

“I’m just out being his free taxi mom to help him to help the community,” she said.

The idea took off after Ashley posted to Facebook asking if anyone would want Jayden to swing by to help remove snow from their driveway or sidewalks.

“Yeah, when I put it on Facebook my phone started blowing up,” she said.

By noon the teens had eight appointments with more scheduled in the afternoon once more clients got home from work.

“I’m proud,” she said. “I raised him up to help others, especially the older people. So, I’m happy.”

Jayden and Kenny were happy to help many residents in the Hilltop area. They were also happy, no doubt, for the donations that were made to them for their assistance.

“He’s kind-hearted,” Ashley said. “He’s a big, soft teddy bear.”

It’s a priceless gesture. One that Jayden, himself, is encouraging others to do.

“If you can, yeah,” he said. “It’s always good to help out.”

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