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Hilltop residents say pets are being killed in neighborhood

Lorraine Tejeda and Shonnie Espinoza both say they’ve had animals appear dead outside of their homes.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Some Hilltop neighbors say they’re having a major problem: cats winding up dead and nobody knows why. 10TV has uncovered two cases in areas near Sullivant Avenue.

Lorraine Tejeda has had her pet cat since May.

“He was an excellent cat, I never had any complaints with him just one time that he pooped in my bedroom,” Tejeda said.

Until Monday morning, when she looked out her window and saw him laying in the middle of the street.

“He was laying down like he was sleeping,” she said. “His eyes were totally out, his mouth was open, and the tongue was out.”

Tejeda said her cat was right outside of her home and she thinks he was killed.

Shonnie Espinoza says she had two animals go missing, and two who appeared to have been killed. One of them was named Big Brenda.

“That was either a blunt force or like somebody beat her or it was a bullet hole,” said Espinoza.

Espinoza reported what she believes happened to Columbus Humane. She was told they can’t do much about it, because they don’t have anything linking what happened to a suspect.

“If they have a video of something along those lines, we have to be able to figure out who's doing what basically,” said Jessica Scott, Chief Humane Agent with Columbus Humane.

If you would like to contact Columbus Humane about animal abuse, you can click here or call 614-777-7387.

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