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Hilliard school district creates task force to address racial inclusivity

Superintendent John Marschhausen is creating the Inclusivity & Justice Task Force.

HILLIARD, Ohio - As groups across the nation are calling for reform following the death of George Floyd, school districts across central Ohio are also looking at how they'll move forward.

Over the weekend, teachers from Columbus to Dublin took part in protests.

"We know we have work to do, as educators and that's our role in the community right now," said Dublin school teacher Cortney Ingram.

The Hilliard City Schools sent a letter to families calling for a shift. Superintendent John Marschhausen is creating the Inclusivity & Justice Task Force. The goal is to engage schools, parents, and students to make changes in the system that allow everyone to feel safe and cut out even subtle racial discrimination.

"In order for us to understand what action needs to be taken, we need to reach out to our black community, our students, to understand how they feel and not just - what do our policies say."

The superintendent says he believes it is the school's job to build a better future, so allowing racial inequality is not acceptable.

"Not surprisingly, the response hasn't been all positive and I think that speaks to the great divide that we are all working through as a country," Superintendent Marschhausen said. "When there are people reaching out saying 'This isn't your role. This isn't what schools are about,' and that's where we have to say 'no.' We have to stand up for what's right."

Taskforce members will be officially named at the Hilliard Board of Education Meeting on June 15, 2020.