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Pastor remembers man shot dead at St. Ann's for life he wanted to have

A pastor who knew the man shot and killed during an altercation with police at Mount Carmel St. Ann's says he never got the "opportunity" to be his true self.
Credit: WBNS-TV

WESTERVILLE, Ohio — A pastor who knew the man shot and killed during an altercation with police at Mount Carmel St. Ann's is mourning his loss, saying he never got the "opportunity" to be his true self. 

“When I heard about [the shooting], it disgusted me because it’s not a criminal gone bad,” said Mark Hampton. “It’s a young man who didn’t get the opportunity to be who he really is. That’s what gets me.”

Jackson has a criminal history dating back to 2005. He was wanted on a bench warrant for missing a March 17 court date for several cases including domestic violence.

Hampton is a pastor. Years ago he was the consulting director of training for an organization aimed at helping disadvantaged youth.

That’s where he met Miles Jackson. 

“I could instantly see the potential that he had,” Hampton said of Jackson. “It was just a matter of cultivating that.”

Jackson was killed on Monday in an exchange of gunfire with Columbus police and Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital Security. The shooting took place following what police are calling an "altercation" while officers were transferring Jackson’s custody after finding he had warrants for domestic violence and weapons charges.

Pictures of Jackson were given to 10TV by Jazmine Washington, who identified herself as his wife. 

“He really wanted more,” Hampton said. “And I did everything I could to help him get it.”

It was an uphill climb.

Hampton knew Jackson had a tough upbringing. Eventually, they lost touch. When they last saw each other five or six years ago, Hampton says Jackson talked about life and the future.

“I’d give anything to go back and just have one more conversation with him about what he could become,” Hampton said.

Hampton says he knows empathy here is lacking, whether from social fatigue of these incidents, or the argument some have of personal choices.

He doesn’t see that.

He says he sees a young man who tried despite being set up for failure. He says he sees a reminder for parents and guardians to not worry about being good, but being available for their children.

“Spend time with them,” he said. “Show them what they can become.”


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