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Haunted Hoochie’s Swastika Saturday sets off firestorm on day of Synagogue shooting

UPDATE: Haunted Hoochie issues an apology after Swastika Saturday promotion sets off firestorm on day of Synagogue shooting.
Haunted Hoochie (Ryan Greenlese/WBNS-10TV)

UPDATE: Haunted Hoochie has issued an apology after their Swastika Saturday promotion sets off a firestorm on day of Synagogue shooting.

Read the apology here >>


An event that has been held for 28 years at the Haunted Hoochie became ill-timed Saturday afternoon, after a gunman entered a synagogue in Pittsburgh and gunned down 11 people, injuring six others during a baby naming ceremony.

Officials say the suspect, Robert Bowers, screamed “all Jews must die” during the 20-minute rampage.

A few hours later, an event at Pataskala’s Haunted Hoochie, known as Swastika Saturday, was met with anger, hurt and outrage.

A man identifying himself as Timmy said Swastika Saturday is a “day of unity” and it is supposed to “bring things to mind that we stand against.” Timmy also said the group “stands against hate.”

The event was never publicized on posters but was shared on their Instagram page.

Timmy said it has been in existence for the last 28 years.

A band scheduled to perform at the event, Only Flesh, canceled its performance, saying: “We do not condone hate speech or racism in any way and cannot be associated with a place that promotes a “swastica saturday”.

Protestors were at the Haunted Hoochie Saturday with candles and signs.

“This is evil. There’s a difference. Halloween and being scared and having fun being scared and evil. Anti-Semitism is pure evil there’s no politically correct way to say that,” Gail Burkholder said.

Dozens of people called, emailed, tweeted and sent Facebook messages to 10TV about the event.