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Fingerprints and security badges among tech-savvy programs for New Albany students

New Albany-Plain Local Schools implements security badges and fingerprinting for safety and payment programs.

New Albany-Plain Local Schools is integrating technology into their security and lunch payment systems.

Elementary school students no longer have to use student ID numbers to pay for lunch. Instead, a biometric scanner photographs their fingerprint.

"It’s very good because it increases efficiency in the lunch line, and you don’t have to worry about that kid forgetting their number," said Patrick Gallaway, director of communications for the school district. "All the kids are scanned at the beginning of the year. That’s all they have to do when they go through their lunch line now."

Middle and High schoolers integrate technology at a different level. Staff members, seventh through twelfth graders are given security badges which give them access to their respective school buildings. School administration has a plan in place in case a student loses their badge, to prevent it from getting into the wrong hands.

"All of these badges are made in house," said Gallaway. "They can be deactivated at any time. So,as long as we know that a badge is gone missing or a student needs to get a replacement, they can deactivate the one they had issued."

Each door is kept locked and has a set of " extra eyes" at the entrances.

"All of our buildings on our campus have a secure vestibule. So, when you come to any of our buildings...you need to be buzzed into the vestibule first and then buzzed into the main office."

So far, Gallaway says they have not had any badges reported lost.

Visitors are given a temporary badge with limited time access to the buildings.