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Clintonville family plans on rebuilding after food truck stolen, gutted

People have raised more than $38,000 through GoFundMe to get the Sorianos’ business in operation again.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Sorianos are grateful to have their family-run food truck trailer back in their possession, but their fear of the equipment being stripped from inside is now a reality.

“It is exactly what we expected, and we did fear that it's going to happen,” said Leo Soriano. “Our grill, our refrigerators, our freezers, our heater or ventilation system, everything's just gone."

The Sorianos tell 10TV the only salvageable items are a few food bins and the trailer itself.

Leo said La Poblanito took about a year to renovate the trailer into the authentic Mexican food truck.

“I believe it will maybe be around the same amount of time, but we'll do our best to make sure it's not that long,” he said when asked if they will rebuild the business.

“We are starting from scratch,” said Soriano.

His brother Jesus, saw the damage after it was towed back to his family’s home.

“I hope we find whoever's responsible for this and justice will be served because my family didn't deserve this,” said Jesus Soriano. “My family didn't deserve this. My mom doesn't deserve this and the community doesn't deserve this at all. We’re there for the people and it's just sad to see that this is the world we live in now.”

Marcelina Soriano was in tears when she glanced inside the doors to see spoiled food, takeout containers and salsa covering the once cleaned floors.

She said a customer heard the news and donated cash. Some of that money covered towing expenses to get the trailer out of the impound lot.

It’s one of more than 800 donors that have raised more than $38,000 towards a GoFundMe to get the popular truck back on the road.

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