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Experts give advice on how to prevent baby monitor hacking

Cybersecurity officials give tips to protect your baby nursery.

With the growing trend of home tech devices, there is also a growing threat of those devices being hacked by unwanted parties.

"It's kind of unreal," Chrissy Kaminski, a mother of two, said. "You just wonder what kind of person would want to do that."

Kaminski and her husband once used a WiFi baby monitor to keep a watchful eye on their daughter.

"We got it because our in-laws both live out of town, and my husband was working nights. So, they liked to be able to log in and check in."

Cybersecurity officials say baby monitors dependent on WiFi connections are the most vulnerable to cyberattacks.

"That would be really violating," Kaminski said. "And, how do you even find them {the predator}? How do you even know that they saw you?"

Jerod Brennan is a cybersecurity professional. He says while there are potential dangers, there are also ways to protect yourself.

"Go through the user manual and see what the username and password are," Brennan said. "Looking for a way to change that password is the simplest, easiest way to protect yourself."

Brennan says devices with default passwords that have downloadable user manuals should be avoided.

"If you do some research online and the vendor you are looking at doesn't give you the ability to change the password, don't use their technology," Brennan said.

It is also good to change your preset network ID, which is set by the manufacturer.