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Easy Halloween do-it-yourself costume ideas

You can find everyday items around your house to help make a Halloween costume to remember.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Four-year-old Alice Burger loves to play dress up. She also can be indecisive for the one costume that matters.

"We spend a lot of time starting in July what we want to be Halloween and it changes every two weeks. So it comes down to that last minute pick and costumes are really expensive," explains her mom Sadie.

Sadie is full of do-it-yourself (DIY) costume ideas that can be put together from items kids already have, like their play rooms or dress-up boxes.

"We pulled a tutu to start with, added a guitar, Hawaiian lay and just like that a hula girl," Sadie shows on Alice.

With a sheet, a sparkly belt and a crown, Sadie also creates a toga.

And there's an easy veterinarian costume.

"This is an old work shirt, just a button-up shirt of mine but on a tiny person it looks like a lab coat, with a couple of toys lying around we have a veterinarian," Sadie says.

An easy move star look can be pulled together with a sparkly sweater, necklaces and some sunglasses.

For a few bucks, Sadie also put together a "Spider Queen" costume, using a decorative spider web and some plastic spiders.