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Eastern European deli in Columbus says it’s been target of threats amid Russian invasion of Ukraine

The people who run Diana Deli sell food and treats from across eastern Europe, not just Russia. They say they are devastated by what's happening in Ukraine.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Diana Deli in Columbus near the Worthington line is run and managed by two people: one is from Ukraine and the other is from Russia.

They sell food and treats from all across eastern Europe, not just Russia. They say they are devastated by what's happening right now in Ukraine.

“We’re just here to sell food,” said Andrew Wurth, who works at Diana Deli.

At Diana Deli, one of the treats you can find from Ukraine is chocolate made in Kyiv.

“We sell products from all over eastern Europe, mostly from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, but also Germany, Austria, all places like that,” said Wurth.

Wurth was planning on teaching English in Ukraine this fall. He's able to help translate for both of his bosses: one is from Ukraine, one is from Russia.

Wurth says they've been getting threats since Russia invaded Ukraine.

“We had people call in and threaten the store,” he said. “They were asking like which car in the parking lot was ours, describing cars in the parking lot like, asking if people stay the night implying that they were going to smash the windows and things. Asking about our support in the war asking questions why Vladimir Putin is doing things as if we had any part in it.”

He says it's upsetting for him because he has friends in Ukraine and he's worried about them.

“Some of them I haven't heard from since the war started,” he said.

He wants people to know -- there is no room for hate.

“It's awful and it needs to stop.”

Diana Deli has been in Columbus since 2014.

If you are interested in helping the people of Ukraine, you can donate to the International Committee of the Red Cross here.

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