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Operator of gentlemen's club where shooting injured 5 details safety measures

The shooting happened at the gentlemen's club last week

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The operator of Doll House Gentleman's Club is speaking out after a deadly shooting last week.

The Columbus Division of Police said two people were shot and three others were injured in the parking lot at the Doll House Columbus, located at 1680 Karl Court, around 2:40 a.m. Wednesday.

Greg Flaig, the club's operator, said a party came from out of town, but the club was already closed so they went to a food truck in the parking lot. Another group that was leaving the club also went to the food truck.

"As it turned out, the people that were visiting had not come into the club, and something not in the best way was said to a female that was with them. They reacted in a fistfight. And then it immediately reacted into the people that were visiting, had guns on them."

Flaig said the club has kept crime inside the club to a minimum with armed security guards who are off-duty law enforcement officers, metal detectors, and 44 security cameras surrounding the property. 

"The security expense here is my largest expense. It's more than my liquor, it's more than my employee costs. And it's worth every dime because if we all go home safe, it's a good day. And people come here to earn a living. And the people that do earn a living come here because they want to be safe. So, we want both of those to happen," he said. 

According to Flaig and records from the Columbus Division of Police, Wednesday's shooting marks the third time police have been called to the Doll House within the last year. The other two incidents were overdoses. Club security procedures reveal how security staff are being taught and told how to handle violent situations and unruly patrons. Flaig said his team can only do so much.

"We don't have instances in the club, per se of any armed problems, any shootings, any things with any kind of knives or weapons," Flaig said.

He plans to take security a step further by training his team with Columbus Police and Homeland Security. He said the goal is to set a standard in Columbus.

"Every night that I get done, and that there's been no altercations, no fights, no arguments, no issues. That's a good night," he said. 

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