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Danger of looking for mental health information on social media | Digital Diagnosis

There's a growing trend of people looking for information on mental health from influencers on social media.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ensuring you and your loved ones are connected to the right resource for when there is a health concern is very important.

Often this resource is your primary care doctor who knows you, has a record of your screening results and has updates on you on your health status. The same should be said for the person you turn to for treatment of your mental health. But there's a growing trend people of turning not to experts, but instead looking for information from influencers on social media.

Medical experts said there are pros and cons to this growing trend. One of the benefits is the fact that more people are talking about mental health and influencers can help elevate that conversation. 

Dr. Megan Schabbing, an Ohio Health psychiatrist, said it Is a positive development in raising awareness and action to mental health matters. 

“For so many years we've been battling the stigma. People were afraid and embarrassed,” Dr. Schabbing said. “I think the flip side of it though is it's potentially dangerous to be taking advice about any kind of medical issue, and mental health issues are medical issues.” 

Medical experts said it is best to be discerning while scrolling so that you know where you are getting information and from whom.

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