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Couple hopes new community center will help build relationships, provide resources

The center is called the Brown Foundation Community Center and is located on East Fifth Avenue in Columbus.

Destiny Brown and her husband, Eddie, are working with several non-profit organizations to build relationships and provide resources in the community. 

“We are hopeful that we are able to have an impact on the urgent day-to-day needs of this community,” Destiny said.

The center is called the Brown Foundation Community Center and is located on East Fifth Avenue in Columbus.

“It is a social service center, private education, it does a number of different things in the same space so a little bit of everything. Myself and my husband are the primary center directors but we are partnering with some other non-profit such as Hydrohelpers, as well as the Sisterhood for Black Liberation Movement which represents about 10 different organizations,” Brown said.

We also spoke with the leader of the Hydrophelpers, Maria Holland.

“My hope for the new community center is that this creates a safe space for the youth to grow and be, we need our next generation to feel ready to take on whatever and I think this center provides that opportunity,” Holland said.

The center will offer services like fresh produce, benefits assistance, grief services, mental health referrals, kids art classes, weekly bible study and church services.

“One of the organizations is my own brand, which is a Mother’s Love homeschools, Doulas and Daycares, so we were already doing homecare support for families but now in light of the E-learning school year. We really kind of revved up on the services that are available, having included additional tutors and working on a schedule,” Brown said.

Her husband’s program will also be part of the new building. It’s the Barber College, Jr. Barber’s After-School Program.

They’ll also offer grief services and mental health referrals.

“Mental Health, especially in light of everything going on in our society today, is huge, and even before that, it is really our community and use of mental health services isn’t as prominent as in other communities. We are presenting mental the conversation and services in a way that aren’t traditional because the community needs something a little different,” Brown said.

That includes a service called Father’s Corner Sessions.

“It allows men who are father’s, the fellowship with other men, to discuss topics they commonly face as fathers and it gives them a positive angle on how to deal with things as it relates to parenting and life as a man, managing a family in a high-risk community,” Brown said.

The services are designed to help families, people, feel comfortable.

“We also do parenting courses, so we have a prosperous parenting class which is for women for the mothers which is designed to offer some strategies for parenting during hard times, or in poverty or in scenarios that are not ideal and how you can still have a positive impact on your child,” Brown said.

A big focus on the new center and hope are helping the youth grow, decreasing violence and creating equality.

“The programs also coincide with some petition and legislative push; We’re doing our part cause these are the solutions we believe are going to address and start to deal with systematic racism and that is why we have programs in place to help a hurting community but also legislative action to undo some of what has been established in the beginning of time with our government and with some of the systems,” Brown said.

She said it’s about people, organizations, working together and being stronger, together.

“Everyone doesn’t do everything, but by combining the forces of different organizations, we highlight their strength and allow them to do what they do best,” Brown said.

They hope to have the center open by mid-October and are encouraging anyone to come forward if they have ideas to add.

She said anyone is welcome to the center and anyone can volunteer in the services they hope to provide.