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Columbus student who ate marijuana-infused gummies urges others to be more cautious

Eli Jamuison wants others to be more cautious about what they consume.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Last week, two middle school students in the Columbus City Schools district became ill after eating marijuana-infused gummies. 

Eva Elkin said her son, Eli Jamuison, was sick for hours — vomiting profusely and having headaches.

“I felt woozy,” he said. “When I was walking around, I felt like I was in a dream…like I could fall.” 

The 12-year-old boy is a student at World Language Middle School. On Friday, he got sick after eating what they thought was just a regular gummy.

Elkin said Eli was one of two students that ate a gummy infused with marijuana.

The students were transported to Nationwide Children’s Hospital for further evaluation as a precaution, and the school notified their parents. 

"I got a phone call early in the morning from school,” said Elkins. "It basically just had me terrified, and I drove straight to Nationwide Children's Hospital.” 

Elkins said her son was unresponsive for hours. She said he also threw up numerous times and had headaches that lingered for a few days. 

Elkins said the scariest part is this isn’t the first case.

In March, two students at Fairwood Elementary School became sick after eating marijuana gummies. Last year, five kids were sent to the hospital from Windermere Elementary School in Upper Arlington for the same thing.

Elkins’ biggest fear is the gummy he ate could’ve been laced with something else. 

“The detectives are saying that you know even though they're marijuana-infused gummies, they’re around fentanyl and it's scary because he could've died,” she said.   

Eli was able to go back to school on Tuesday and is feeling much better. He wants others to be more cautious about what they consume.

"Sometimes you shouldn't be so trusting,” he said. “Don't take candy from anybody.”

Columbus police have not said if any charges will be filed.

Columbus City Schools said the principal of the school will be taking the appropriate counseling and disciplinary action.

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