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Columbus partnering with curbFlow to increase curb space

The City of Columbus partnering with curbFlow to increase curb space

The City of Columbus and curbFlow officially launched its 12-month pilot program today.

The curbside management program will help provide available curb-space for deliveries, parcels and passenger pickups and drop-offs.

curbFlow is a mobile app that allows drivers to make a reservation for a spot. Drivers enter the company they work for, choose one out of the nine curb locations in downtown Columbus or Short North and then are given a time they are able to park.

Locations for this program were picked based on where the most commercial loading or on-demand pickups and drop-offs were.

The company's goal is to reduce dangerous double parking that blocks crosswalks, travel, bikes and bus lanes.

For local businesses in the area, this will help improve their business.

"Sometimes we get someone that needs to deliver and they can't make it because they can't find a place to park so they have to reschedule the delivery," Palmo Aracri owner of Aracri Pizzeria said.

The loading management zones will be marked and used by both commercial vehicles and private vehicles operating for a company. For example, ride-hailing, online food delivery services and rideshare services.

You can find more information on their website.

These are the nine locations that will be marked with a curbFlow marker:

  • 2165 N. Hight St.
  • 1988 N. High St.
  • 1709 N. High St.
  • 1607 N. High St.
  • 1510 N. High St.
  • 965 N. High St.
  • 477 Park St.
  • 15 Vine St.
  • 14 E. Gay St.