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City hopes to plow side streets in next 72 hours

The City of Columbus said the winter storm impacted parts of the city differently.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Some parts of the city just got snow, others got snow and ice and some got rain, ice and snow.

Because of that, different parts of Columbus faced unique challenges when it comes to the city’s snow warriors from attacking roads all the same.

East Columbus got more ice and snow, so plows worked to attack that with different brines and plows.

While the Martin Luther King Day Jr. holiday kept fewer cars on the road and allowed plows to quickly hit the main road, the residential roads remain the most snow-covered.

Randy Borntrager, the assistant director for the Department of Public Service, said if the storm doesn’t blow more snow he hopes plows can start hitting residential streets in the next 24 to 72 hours.

“24 to 72 hours after that winter weather event comes in, we are usually into those residential collectors,” he said.

The city’s Snow Warrior page allows you to see in real-time if plows have touched your street.

Columbus plows are responsible for 5,500 lanes miles which is equivalent to driving from Columbus to Los Angeles and back again.

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