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Central Ohio family divided over Ohio State-Michigan rivalry game

When mom roots for Michigan and dad is a Buckeye, what’s a set of triplets and their big sister to do?

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Four sisters in Dublin are ready for the big game. Their mom, Lia Borchers, cheers for “that team up North.” For her husband Ben, a Buckeye fan, it wasn't a deal breaker when they met and started dating.

“It's really more so a friendly rivalry more so than anything,” Ben Borchers explained.

The rivalry game coincidentally happens around their milestone moments. Like when Lia and Ben’s parents met for the first time -- it was at the game. And when their triplets arrived home from the hospital, they watched the game.

“Obviously very thankful that they were healthy and able to come home but because they were premature we couldn't watch the game with anyone,” explained Lia. “So it was just the 6 of us and no matter how tired we were from all the feedings overnight, and just dealing with premature babies, we all stayed up and watched that game.”

Lauren, the oldest, cheers for both. For now.

We asked Lauren, “what's more difficult: being a big sister to all these girls or choosing Michigan or Ohio State?”

Her response: “choosing Michigan or Ohio State.”

And that response was followed by an “aw” from mom and dad.

As for who to root for, the parents are letting the kids decide.

“Sadly yes I feel living here in Dublin in the Columbus area that more likely they're going to be Buckeye fans,” Lia said.

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