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Central Ohio car enthusiasts upset about recent street takeovers

Two car enthusiasts believe recent takeovers are creating a bad image of car culture.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Warm summer nights are when car enthusiasts like Jeremiah and Ritessh live for. It’s more than just a pastime hobby, but rather a passion.  

"Cars have been in my DNA for a very long time,” said Ritessh. 

"I grew up around cars...cars relax me,” said Jeremiah.  

Over the past few years, the two said they’ve become a part of the car enthusiast culture with hundreds of people across Ohio. They described the culture as one big family.  

The two said that recently, their pastime is being run off the road by others who the men believe are creating a bad image of their hobby.  

"When someone else's actions directly impact our lifestyle, that's when it starts to be a problem,” said Ritessh.  

On Monday morning, several people were shot at a block party in southeast Columbus. 

Neighbors told 10TV hundreds of people showed up in the area of Pintail Creek Drive, doing donuts in the parking lot. 

This is just one month after two street takeover events in Columbus, which usually involve fast cars "taking over" a street or business. The recent takeovers have led to crimes.  

In April, Columbus police officers were shot at while responding to a street takeover event on Indianola Avenue. That same night, police say a group of 16 people were involved in a street takeover and overran a gas station on Johnstown Road.

"When takeovers or shooting at police officers or the innocent get impacted in the process that's...that's very hurtful,” said Ritessh. 

He and Jeremiah said they are planning to work with local law enforcement agencies to hold a gathering. They said car shows should be fun and inviting to all.  

They want to make it clear: there is a time and place for enjoying cars.  

"A lot of people it's their heart and soul, that's what keeps them going and that's getting ripped away,” said Jeremiah.  

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