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An inside look at how some central Ohio businesses are disinfecting for coronavirus

With businesses back open and COVID-19 cases continuing to climb, owners are getting help disinfecting in an effort to keep patrons safe.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — With businesses back open and COVID-19 cases continuing to climb, owners are getting help disinfecting to keep patrons safe.

Mark Walder is the owner of Hospitality Carpet Care. He, like many business owners, was hit hard by COVID-19. Fortunately for him, he had another plan.

"We just kind of had to shift gears," Walder said. "I actually bought a pallet of Bioesque Botanical Solution back in January, anticipating the need."

Walder now disinfects central Ohio businesses for coronavirus. He uses a machine to spray the botanical solution, which is approved by the EPA, on popular touchpoints.

"[It's] actually safe and settles on all the different surfaces. It doesn't have to be wiped off," he said. "It's used in hospitals, restaurants, daycares - you name it!"

As of now, he has dozens of businesses he cleans every week. Former Buckeye Dimitrious Stanley is his business partner.

"We're both business owners. What's happening right now - it hurts the business owners, it hurts the businesses, which ultimately hurts the community," Stanley said. "[We are] taking responsibility for building this economy. Helping it [to] stay open helps other people do a lot of other things in their lives: It helps put food on people's tables, put clothes on your back, and shelter over your head."

10TV was there as Walder sprayed Urban Meyer's Pint House in Dublin. Lewis Aggarwal, the director of operations for Corso Ventures, said these extra precautions give them peace of mind.

"People want to come out. They've been cooped up for so long. It's nice to give them a break, but also, we want them to feel comfortable and still feel that way," Aggarwal said. "To have that peace of mind, we can move forward with that and relay that to our guests and give them that peace of mind as well."

For more information, you can visit Hospitality Carpet Care's Facebook page.