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Cedar Point going cashless at the park in 2022

Guests who may not have credit or debit cards can convert cash to prepaid debit cards at cash-to-card kiosks stationed around the parks.
Steel Vengeance roller coaster at Cedar Point (Courtesy of Cedar Point)

SANDUSKY, Ohio — Cedar Point will stop accepting cash at the beginning of the 2022 season.

Cedar Fair, the parent company of the Sandusky amusement park, said all of their parks will be cashless by next spring.

Kings Island went cashless in July of this year. Other Cedar Fair parks currently operating on a cashless basis include Worlds of Fun, Valleyfair and Carowinds.

“There are plenty of benefits, both for guests and our parks,” Cedar Fair spokesperson Gary Rhodes said. “Cashless transactions are faster, safer and more secure. Guests can spend less time in the check-out waiting on change and more time hitting up their favorite rides or other attractions.”

For guests at the park who do not have credit or debit cards, Rhodes said they can convert cash to prepaid debit cards at kiosks stationed around the parks.

Rhodes said their Cedar Fair parks also benefit from a cashless system.

“There’s no need to pay for armored cars to haul currency back and forth from the parks,” he continued. “No more time and labor spent counting cash. Those resources can be redirected toward guest-facing services or operations. And from a practical standpoint, it’s getting harder and harder to find coins.”

Rhodes added that park guests have responded "very favorably going to cashless,” calling the decision “a non-event" for most people.

Cedar Fair owns and operates 11 amusement parks across the country.

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