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Body cam footage shows Columbus police officer receiving Narcan during drug arrest

Lab tests show the substance was methamphetamine.

We now know what substance a Columbus Police Officer came in contact with before he was administered Narcan.

Body camera video shows police helping the officer by administering the overdose reversal drug and getting him to the ground after a drug arrest last week.

The video shows an officer questioning a suspect about what his partner might have touched.

Officer: What is that? What is that that you have? No, No, No, what is that that you have in the car?
Suspect: She called it ICE, I swear to God that's what she called it.
Officer: Is there Fentanyl in it?
Suspect: Not that I know of.
Officer: OK, well we have an officer having an effect right now.

Lab tests show the substance was methamphetamine.

Narcan is used to counteract opioids and methamphetamine is not an opioid but police said it was the right move.

The officer who came in contact with the drug is doing well and is expected to return to work on Monday.