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Leaders say ending Black-on-Black crime is up to the Black community

Local leaders are holding a town hall to talk about violence in the Black community.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — You’ve heard of the saying it takes a village to raise a child.

But what happens when that village isn’t there anymore for the youth?

“It’s not if there’s going to be a shooting, you ask where the shooting was. The majority of them, were African American males,” said attorney Byron Potts.

He told 10TV,  that his village, the Black community, needs to do a better job in protecting the youth and end Black-on-Black crime.

“Society has taught us to hate anything that looks like us. It makes it easier for them to kill someone that looks like you because you’ve been taught to hate who you are,” said Potts.

So, on Thursday, he and others are will holding a virtual Town Hall meeting. The panel will hold judges, psychologists, and community organizations.

It’s to have a much-needed conversation, but also to create solutions.

“As we get when there’s police killings and hosting, we need to be just as mad and upset when we kill each other, “said Potts.

10TV was sent a crime report of last year from the Columbus Division of Police. 74% of the victims are Black and 80% are suspects.

Potts said this is only the first of many meetings geared towards ending Black-on-Black crime.

It’s time for the elders of the village, to step up.

“It will solve a lot of problems that we have if we are able to give some assets back to the individuals in our community,” said Potts.

If you would like to be a part of this discussion, you can watch it Thursday at 6 p.m. on Potts's Facebook page. You’ll be able to ask questions and even make suggestions on possible solutions.