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Bexley puts strict rules in place to protect pets from extreme temperatures

Bexley is cracking down on dog owners, making laws more strict when it comes to extreme temperatures.

BEXLEY, Ohio — About a year-and-a-half ago, Bexley passed a law for the tethering of dogs and other animals.

In April of this year, city leaders made it more specific when it comes to weather conditions and animals left unattended outside. With temperatures expected to be high over the next couple of days, they're encouraging people to be aware while taking care of their furry friends.

Tory Markham with Bexley City Council said they decided on making the unattended time limit 30 minutes. If an animal is left outside for more than 30 minutes, they need to have the proper shelter and they need to be checked on.

He said the law is focused more on owners who leave their dogs outside on chains for several hours or owners who strictly have outside pets.

He said letting them out to use the bathroom or to play doesn't necessarily break the law, but if they are out for a long period of time by themselves, it could become a problem.

One requirement for shelters is that they need to be 2 inches off of the ground and must be insulated, that way no water gets in it.

He said it has to be large enough for the dog to comfortably move around and regulate proper body temperature.

The shelter must have a secure entrance, cannot be made of metal or any material that conducts heat or cold. It must be near or in shade and food and water have to be within 10 feet.

If the law is broken, owners could face a fine or jail time.

"We count on our professionals our animal control and our police officers to use some judgment there as well," Markham said.