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As students head back to the classroom, one Columbus school has been doing it for months

Franklinton High School on the city’s westside has been doing in person learning for months.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Many Ohio school districts are working to shift students back to some sort of in-person learning by March 1.

It has many parents wondering how it is going to be done safely.

Franklinton High School on the city’s westside has been doing in-person learning for months.  

“If you use hand sanitizer and wear your mask at all times, you’ll be ok,” said Jasmine Mills, a sophomore at the school.

She told 10TV, she’s felt safe every step of the way.

“Everyone’s always spaced out. Before and after, we always clean our desk,” said Mills.

Back in August, teachers and staff created a collaborative back-to-school plan that gave students the choice to learn at home or in the classroom.

Nearly 150 students attend the school making it easier to spread out in classrooms.

Teachers have even found a new way to take attendance. When students come in every morning, they must sanitize their hands, and their temperature is taken.

We spoke with Sam McCoy, the Director of Development for the school and a music teacher.

“Just even being around each other even through a mask makes a difference for them, “said McCoy.

He told us around five students are in a classroom on average. After every class, students wait spaced out in the gym or outside while teachers thoroughly clean the rooms.  

Walking around the school we did notice the windows are always open for air circulation. McCoy said the school does have the heat on to keep the students warm.

He said this detailed plan is needed to keep the virus out of the school.

"During COVID, this is our advantage for our kids. They need it, they need the interaction, it’s very, very important to them,” said McCoy.

That difference is noticed by students and their grades.

Mills said this is the best and safest way for her to get her education.

“Our school is really safe about it. Being in person, I can get hands-on help when I need it,” said Mills.

The school said students have contracted the virus outside of the school, but they have seen no transmission inside the school.

They also tell us all teachers have had at least one dose of the vaccine.

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