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As airports see delays and cancellations, AAA says it’s putting more people on the roads

Airport delays are leading to an uptick in drivers on the road, even at a time when gas prices continue to be higher than normal.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Several airlines across the country are seeing delays and cancellations due to weather and staffing shortages.

John Glenn Columbus International Airport doesn’t seem to have that problem, currently, but AAA says delays in other cities are leading to an uptick in drivers on the road even at a time when gas prices continue to be higher than normal.

Kimberly Schwind with AAA said Ohio is averaging $4.98 per gallon, which is in line with the national average. It’s also nine cents down from that more than $5.00 per gallon record set back on June 9.

“Yes, it is down a little bit, but we’re still nearly two dollars more than we were a year ago when we were at about three dollars a gallon,” Schwind said.

Schwind says the higher than normal prices are not enough to keep drivers off the roads.

“A lot of people [are] out on the roadways,” she said.

Especially, she said, as airports nationwide continue to see delays and cancellations. Though the majority of flights in Columbus remain on time, Schwind said cancellations elsewhere, coupled with upcoming Fourth of July and summer plans are causing drivers to reach deep in their pockets and fill their tanks.

“We’re seeing people continuing to take those road trips despite the high gas prices,” she said.

The recent drop in gas prices, Schwind said, is directly related to the recent drop in crude oil. However, she said that doesn’t mean there’s a major relief at the pump any time soon.

“We expect to continue to see volatile and high crude oil prices and that’s going to keep the prices elevated at the pump for the foreseeable future,” she said.

Schwind said AAA is expected to release its nationwide July 4 travel report, Tuesday.

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